Angie Martinez Brings "Untold Stories of Hip-Hop" To The Breakfast Club

Angie Martinez’s new show “Untold Stories of Hip-Hop” is premiering this Thursday September 26th on WETV at 10PM EST after Growing Up Hip-Hop: New York. The show which is set to feature some of the biggest names in the game will shed lite on some never before told stories as well as share different sides to some you may already know. Some of the guests that are set to appear on the show include Cardi B, A$AP Rocky, DJ Khaled, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule, DJ Khaled, The Lox the list goes on and on.

When asked if any of the stories involved her, she responded revealing that actually in the first episode her and Snoop Dogg talk about all the drama that surrounded Pac in the 90s:

“the Snoop one in the first episode, we talk about how him and Pac weren’t friends we did an interview on my show, he said some things and then Pac passed, it was the first time we got really into the conversation about it”

The Breakfast Club also then began to share their own untold stories, Angela Yee spoke about how as soon as she got out of college she worked for Wu-Tang:

“We were on the ninth floor and you could smell the weed from the lobby, a lot of things went on, some I shouldn’t say, ODB has some great stories, he would call me all the time asking for money in the office, and I remember one time he was like I need to go to the hospital right now and need some cash”.

Getting into more stories from the show Angie shared how The Lox and Puff beef went down at the time, but added on that the best part about all these stories is how that now everyone is cool with each other. DJ Envy also revealed that Angie gave him his first start in radio as he took over her shift when she went on a maternity leave.

Check out the full Interview below…

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