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Answer Key

1. Fruit and vegetables contain different types of sugar?

Fact  or Fiction?

(Fact- yes, sugars are found naturally in wide range of fruit and vegetables)

2. Sugar is only used to sweeten food and drinks?  

Fact or Fiction?

(Fiction- Sugar performs all kinds of functions in addition to making things sweeter. It provides structure, texture, and flavor and even acts as a preservative)

3. My body doesn’t need sugars?

Fact or Fiction?

(Fiction- All sugars are carbohydrates that provide energy for the body.  The glucose which your brain, major organs and muscles need to function properly.)

4. Sugars are hidden in lots of products?

Fact or Fiction?

(fiction- Sugars are clearly listed as sugar, glucose of fructose in the ingredients panel on food labels, as well as on the nutritional information panel as carbohydrates of which sugars)

5. Brown sugar is better for me than white?

Fact or Fiction?

(fiction- No, the body breaks down each type of sugar in exactly the same way, irrespective of where it come from.  Brown and white sugars are both forms of sucrose, which our bodies break down in the same way, and contain the same calories at 4 calories per gram)

6. Sucrose is another name for a type of sugar?

Fact or Fiction?

(fact-Sucrose is the sugar you have in your kitchen and is made naturally from either sugar beet or sugar cane.)

7. There are 16 calories in a level teaspoon of sugar?

Fact or Fiction?

(fact-A level teaspoon of sugar is 4 grams contains 16 calories)

8. Sugar contains more calories than fat and alcohol?

Fact or Fiction?

(fiction-Sugar contains 4 calories per gram, while alcohol contains 7 calories and fat contains 9 calories per gram)

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