Abs or Alcohol? Do we have to choose one?

Are you happy with your stomach aka (gut, flab, belly fat, waistline)?  Alcohol temporarily keeps your body from burning fat, and at the same time you store fat right around your middle.  The reason is your body can't store calories from alcohol for later, like it does with food calories. When you drink, your metabolism shuts down and stops burning calories from you meal and stores those calories while burning the alcohol. The fat storage increases in your belly... that why you never hear about beer hips.

So abs or alcohol?  I believe you don't have to give alcohol up totally to keep your stomach tight, But I recommend you follow My 5 Simple Rules!

  1. Always eat when you drink, it's important to eat right meaning avoid carbs, salt and sugary items, stick to veggies, lean protein and good fat.
  2. Know what drinks will make you hungry? The sweet and fancy drinks not only have more calories, but they also make you hungrier.
  3. Drink no more than one drink a day that is the definition of moderate drinking for women. 2 drinks maximum for men. Weekend binge drinking is the worst thing you can do.... you body has to many alcohol calories to burn and you will increase your belly fat.
  4. Beware of the munchies the morning after poses a new diet challenge. As if hangovers weren't punishment enough... now your fighting cravings for belly fat making foods.
  5. Always drink water before, during and after your drinking. Curbs the appetite and avoids dangers of dehydration

Did you know that alcohol consumption can decrease testosterone in men by 23% making it more difficult to burn fat.  Join Dr. Fitness "Fit Nuts" by texting your name and email to 904.236.5858 or IG: @iamdrfitness

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