10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

I read an article by Paige Waehner on verywell.com with 10 reason to hire a personal trainer.  It inspired my blog. Have you ever had a moment were you needed a little help with exercise?  I have been a fitness instructor and coach for over 25 years and in full disclosure “ABSOLUTELY!” In my opinion we all could use a little help with exercise sometimes, whether we're just starting out or we've been at it for a long time. Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they'll get out of the experience or whether it's worth the money?   To be fair personal trainers are fighting back from a bad reputation comparing our sales methods to the high pressure, stress reducing, beat you down method used by car salesmen.  As a trainer it troubles me to see that good trainers saddled with that disparaging sales reputation.  To make easier for potential clients to avoid the harassing sales pressure, and to know that their trainer is qualified to help them reach their goal safely we created the (J.A.E.N.P.) Jacksonville Association of Exercise and Nutrition Professionals. www.jaenp.org   There are a number of reasons people work with personal trainers.  Some want an individualized program so they can lose weight, sculpt their body, improve their overall health safely.  While others simply need to be held accountable.   Wherever you are on your exercise journey, The right personal trainer will keep your journey effective and safe.

You're Not Seeing Results

If you've been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren't seeing results, hiring a trainer is a good idea. A trainer can look at your current program and eating habits and help you see where you could make changes to create more effective workouts. A trainer can also help you determine if the goals you've set are realistic for you, hold you accountable for your workouts and help you 

stay motivated to exercise.  You may even find that you are getting results, just not in the way you expected, something a trainer may see more clearly as a professional observer.

You Don't Know Where to Start

Knowing how to set up a complete exercise program that includes all the activities you need to do - cardio, weight training, and flexibility - can be overwhelming.  Add the time and knowledge it takes to properly choose, weights, reps and sets and you may quit before you even start. 

This is where a personal trainer can be the biggest help.  Your personal trainer can help you maximize your time while keeping you within your own limits so you don't overdo it and injure yourself. Your personal trainer can also help you set goals and map out a specific schedule so you know when, how and where you'll fit in your workouts. 

3You're Bored with the Same Old Workouts

If you're an experienced exerciser, maybe you haven't considered working with a personal trainer. However, it can be a great choice if you need some variety in your workouts. A trainer can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge both your body and your mind. Even if you just do a few sessions or meet every few weeks, you'll find it refreshing to have new workouts and new exercise toys to play with.

You Need to Be Challenged

If you're like me, you tend to slack off on your workouts sometimes, especially when things get tough. A trainer can motivate you to push past those self-imposed limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself more than you would on your own. You'll find it's very hard to slack off with a trainer standing over you, telling you to do just...one...more...rep!  You may even find hidden strengths you never knew you had, which can motivate you even more.

You Want to Learn How to Exercise on your Own

Even if your goal is to create your own workouts and exercise by yourself, hiring a trainer for a few sessions can be a great benefit for learning the right way to exercise. This is especially true if you want to learn more about the muscles in your body, the exercises that target those muscles and how to do those exercises with great form. Just a few sessions can teach you a lot about your body, how it works and how to train it in the most effective way.

You Need Accountability and Motivation

Trainers come with built-in motivation. Not only are you investing money into your exercise program...you're investing time as well. There's nothing like a standing appointment to get your butt in gear for a workout. Not only that, a trainer provides some accountability so, even when you don't have a session, you know your trainer will be asking if you did your planned workouts. Just knowing that may make it harder to skip your workout.

You Have a Specific Illness, Injury or Condition

If you have any specific issues like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, old injuries, etc., working with an experienced trainer (who will work with your doctor, of course) can help you find a program to help heal injuries and avoid any further problems. It's also a great idea to work with a trainer if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant and want a safe, effective workout to keep you healthy and fit.

Keep in mind that you want to find a trainer who has experience with your issues, and make sure that trainer works closely with your doctor and/or physical therapist for the best experience.

You're Training for a Sport or Event

If you're training for a marathon, a golf tournament or some other type of sport or event, an experienced trainer can help you figure out what you need to do to stay strong without taking away from your other training. She can also help create a training program and map out a plan for the coming event. Just make sure she's experienced in the sport you're training for since not all trainers do sport-specific training.

You Want Supervision and Support During Workouts

Some people know how to exercise and they even know how to do the exercises correctly, but they like having a trainer around for support and supervision. If you're lifting very heavy weights or need someone to help with partner-type exercises, working with a trainer might be a good choice for you. He can spot you during workouts and help you come up with a good training plan for your goals.

10 You Want to Workout at Home

If you'd like to exercise at home but either don't have a lot of equipment or aren't sure how to use what you have, in-home personal training is an excellent choice. A trainer can show you exactly how to use what you have to get the 

best workouts for you or can bring equipment to give you a great workout. Your trainer can also make recommendations for equipment that will help you reach your goals.

For more information on finding a the right personal trainer for you. Call or text me at 904.236.5858. Your direct connection to the Jacksonville Association of Exercise and Nutrition Professionals.

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