Top Health Risks for Men and Boys 13+

You’re not invincible

If you take better care of your car or favorite gadget than your body, you aren’t alone. A lot of us, have unhealthy work and personal lifestyles that is a constant assault on our health and well-being. Lack of health awareness, due to weak health education, is common for men.

Health Insurance has never been more expensive and there is no consensus in our government on the best way to make health insurance more affordable.  When men are worried about the cost of receiving medical attention we tend not to have check ups. It’s important to visit your medical provider to learn how you can reduce your risk of common conditions facing men, such as cancer, depression, heart disease, and respiratory diseases.

Heart health

Heart disease comes in many forms. All of its forms can lead to serious, fatal complications if undetected. According to the American Heart Association more than one in three adult men have some form of cardiovascular disease. African-American men account for 100,000 more cardiovascular disease deaths than Caucasian men.

Stroke targets more than 3 million men. High blood pressure is common in males under the age of 45 routine checkups can help keep your heart beating.

You can calculate your risk for cardiovascular disease based on several risk factors, including your cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoking habits.

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