Top 15 Foods Never to Eat After Working Out

Top 15 Foods Never to Eat After Working Out

If you have just gotten done with working at your gym or just got done running a long race, you are going to need to eat something to take the place of calories you had lost and to build your muscles faster too. You will need to be eating proper carbohydrates and proteins like vegetables, whole-grain foods and grilled chicken. To assist you in making proper eating choices here are the top 15 foods never to eat after working out.

1. Uncooked Vegetables

Vegetables are great for overall health so it might seem strange that you shouldn’t be eating them uncooked after exercising. Vegetables such as celery, broccoli and carrots are healthy and low in fat but they would be better if they were cooked. You should also eat them along with other healthier foods after you have worked out. When uncooked, these aren’t giving you enough calories or fuel to rebuild your metabolism or energy. If you want to eat them uncooked add some yogurt to dip them in.

Foods That Are Fried

You may want to eat an amazing English food-filled breakfast after working out because you thought you lost enough of the calories to make an unhealthy eating decision but you shouldn’t do it. It won’t be worth it! Stop eating the fried foods because they are higher in fat. Foods such as burgers and chips should not be eaten after exercising. You will get a rush from the carbs that will soon be gone which leaves you without any nutritional benefits and you will have to work out again to burn off the carbohydrates and calories from the fried foods.

3. Potato Crisps

Some nuts and potato crisps have a high salt intake. After working out, you might be craving something salty, especially since you just had an hour or so of sweating out salt. When you eat something salty the levels of potassium in the body lower and you lost potassium when exercising so losing more will not be good for your health. It is important you are eating potassium boosting foods after working out instead of eating salt-filled foods.

4. Pizza

There are many great options for food after working out so let the pizza go and save it for a treat another time. Most ten inch pizzas have tons of toppings on them like extra cheese and processed meats which are difficult for the body to digest and they have a lot of bad fat in them. Additionally, the ten-inch pizza may have up to twelve-hundred calories and that is more than half the daily recommended values for women. Absolutely, not!

5. Fizzy Sodas and Other Fizzy Drinks

You are going to feel thirsty when you’re done working out but be sure to drink water. That will rehydrate you and fizzy sodas and other fizzy drink won’t. They have a lot of sugar and other chemicals. They are not nutritional and they can lead to tooth decay. Even if you drink diet fizzy sodas, they aren’t good because they have many chemicals and sweeteners. If you drink a lot of water and still want another drink, get a type of drink that has protein and carbs such as chocolate milk that is low-fat.

6. Chocolates

Don’t drink chocolate milk immediately after exercising. It might seem tasty enough to raise energy levels but it isn’t. It has a ton of sugar and a lot of calories. You will get a quick high from the chocolate but it isn’t going to last very long. You need a proper recharge for your body after working out to help repair muscles and raise metabolism levels and chocolate won’t do that for you. It only has negative downfalls for your workout plans.

7. Pastry Foods

Many people say after working out, you should have a bit of carbohydrates to raise levels of blood glucose that were lost when working out. However, you shouldn’t eat a bunch of pastry foods. They are filled with fat and are not good for your arteries or heart. They have high levels of sugar and calories as well. If you need a great carbohydrate choice after working out, eat one slice whole-wheat bread and put some peanut butter on it to feel more satisfied.

8. Energy Snack Bars

There is often confusion as to when someone should have energy snack bars during their diet when working out. It is recommended to eat these bars before working out instead of after. They give you more fuel to make it through the full workout so you can burn it off. The sugar in the bars will be burnt off when working out. If you wait until after working out, you decrease your rate of metabolism and stimulate more production of fat. These aren’t called energy snack bars for no reason. They can give you the boost of energy you need to get through the workout and then you can sleep good at night.

9. Energy Sports Drinks

The same that goes with the energy snack bars goes with energy sports drinks. You shouldn’t drink them after working out. They won’t get you rehydrated because they have a lot of caffeine in them. They are also carbonated so you will feel bloated and gassy. These drinks have a ton of artificial sweeteners and sugar so unless you are a pro athlete, drink them before working out instead of after.

10. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are great for losing weight and they are healthy for you but you shouldn’t eat them directly after working out. They have a lot of fiber which could lead to bloating and that decreases the excellent benefits from the workout session. You should be eating flaxseeds and other high fiber foods such as bran a couple hours after working out or a couple hours before working out.

11. Spicy Kinds of Food

If you love spicy food such as hot wings then you may even want something like that after working out. If you eat these kinds of food after working out you will feel a lot of indigestion and heartburn that decreases effects from the workout. You will also be uncomfortable when you wish you felt great.

12. Avocado

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Avocados have a lot of vitamins which are great for you and they are generally called a super food but you shouldn’t eat them after working out. They also have a lot of fat. Even though it is the healthy kind of fat, eating it right before working out isn’t going to help. You should eat these types of foods a couple of hours before you have worked out or a couple hours after.

13. Granola or Grain Bars

These may sound healthy but you shouldn’t eat them after working out. People are brought to believe that these are healthy at any time but in truth, they aren’t good after a workout. They have a lot of unhealthy ingredients like trans fats, sodium and corn syrup. These ingredients make the body struggle to get things digested and they aren’t nutritional. Read the labels before you buy them to make sure the ingredients are good for you. It would be better to have a banana or other fruits instead.

14. Cheese

If you love cheese, you may love to eat it after working out but don’t. It is full of protein but it also has a lot of fat. If you crave cheese after working out, pick healthier kinds like mozzarella and put it with whole-grain toast and a carbohydrate based snack.

15. Processed Meat

Processed meat such as bacon, salami and ham shouldn’t be eaten after working out. They have a lot of unhealthy fat and won’t allow muscles to be repaired after working out. These meats have preservatives that help them to stay fresh for longer and they have a lot of sodium too. This can make you feel dehydrated post-workout. Keep your food high in protein so you can build muscle. Eat red meat or lean meats like salmon or chicken.

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