7 Tips From Experienced Drinkers You Should Know

I want to thank you in advance for agreeing to join me with making Mindful Eating May an opportunity for us to learn from each other about the importance of mindful eating.

What is mindful eating and drinking to you?

Normally, I would share mindful eating tips here, but since we are so close to Cinco De Mayo…. I’m going to share some mindful drinking tips.Being more mindful about your drinking could keep you from suffering from a hangover, gaining body fat and avoid getting arrested.

Know your alcohol like a experienced drinker..... I'd like to thank my friends award winning DJ T-roy and Dr. Royce McGowan for collaborating with me on this blog.

Drinking can be part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you learn as much as you can about the effects of alcohol on the body.

For those of you who are not experienced drinkers:

  1. “The guidelines recommend healthy adults drink a max of 2 standard drinks per day, and no more than 4 standard drinks on a single night (or day) out.”
  2. Don’t drink alone, it’s important to have an accountability partner and someone to help if you underestimate the effects of the drinks on you.
  3. Drink plenty of water prior to drinking, in between each drink and after you are finished drinking.
  4. Eat at least 1.5 hours prior to drinking if your goal is to slow the effects of the alcohol.Eating closer to your drinking time you are more likely to projectile vomit that food and not enjoy your time as much.
  5. I don’t suggest you drink if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  6. Feeling depressed or lonely
  7. or on medicine that could either intensify the effects of the alcohol or diminish the effect of the medicine.

A standard drink contains about 10 grams of ethanol (alcohol), which is the amount your body can process in 1 hour. How much alcohol you can handle depends on your age, weight, gender and how you feel at the time.

Drinking more than your daily dose can increase your risk of accident, injury or hangover. Drinking too much regularly increases your risk of developing a long-term chronic condition like heart disease, cancer, liver disease, mental illness or brain damage. REAL TALK my friends!!!

Have a fun Cinco De Mayo!!!!

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