Did you know "Mindful May" Could Save Your Life?

Mindful May: Social Distancing

It’s the first full week of “Mindful May”! Let’s take action to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the best ways to prevent contracting this virus is to practice safe distancing from others. Social Distancing is a new term that we have become all too familiar with.

Being mindful of the importance of social distancing guidelines is a key factor in staying safe and healthy. The CDC has determined that the virus is contracted from an infected person sneezing or coughing, thus expelling the virus into the air through small droplets that are ingested by another person close by.  

The CDC recommends a safe distance of 6 feet between others while out in public. Most essential businesses that have remained open to the public have placed floor markers six feet apart for people checking out in accordance with these guidelines. 

The best measure is to avoid going out altogether, especially if you are older or have underlying health issues. If this is the case, have a friend or family member pick up any groceries or medications you may need. You may also consider having your essentials delivered or take advantage of curbside pick-up to avoid entering the stores. 

If you must venture out for groceries, products, or prescriptions needed, be prepared. Being mindful is having a system in place to protect yourself while out in public.

  • Wear a mask and avoid touching your face
  • Use a hand sanitizer between locations
  • Stay six feet apart from any other individual
  • When you return home, wash your hands and your mask with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

Making this system a habit for now could be a life saver for you! Limiting your social engagements is a mindful practice as well. Avoiding any gatherings, large or small, is best for the time being. The family gathering, birthdays, dinner at friends, can be postponed just to be on the safe side. 

This change in lifestyle has taken its toll on all of us. By implementing these few mindful practices, you will be much safer throughout this ordeal. This is the best time to get your health at an optimal level to avoid sickness and disease.

I am here to help you with that with the resources and tools to get you on track to a healthier lifestyle from the safety of your own home. Find out how I can provide you with the support you may need to make a huge difference in your life! 

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