You’re not fit as you think you are

You’re not fit as you think you are…….. You need to know why and what you can do about it!

How fit do you think you are? What metrics are you using to determine that?

Before I talk about metrics…. let’s explore how most of us determine whether or not we are fit.We usually use how we feel to determine if we aren’t fit.If we feel tired, fat, sore, disappointed we are not able to do things we used to do or discouraged because of a diagnosis from a health professional.These are the moments alarm bells go off for most of us.

Before we experience one or more of these feelings, we are clearly not as fit as we think we are…. we are in a constant state of diminishing fitness ability unless we are consciously working on preventing it.With obesity rates in our population hovering around 70% it’s safe to say that not many of us are as fit as we think we are or know what to do about it.

Now back to the metrics…… 

1.Doing Burpees are a good way to evaluate your current fitness.Approximately 40% of Americans can’t do 20 Burpees without stopping.Can you?

The Burpee challenge: Can you do 10 Burpees? Text your name and email to 904.236.5858 to join our 10 Burpee Challenge. Send a video of you doing 10 Burpees!

2. Keep an eye out for my Quiz!

“Are you as Fit as you think you Are Quiz!”

Fit woman on the beach flexing her biceps

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