Love Every Pet Week at Jacksonville Humane Society

Love Every Pet Week begins at Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) on February 14th, Valentines Day, and runs through February 21st, which is National Love Every Pet Day! two

To celebrate the start of Love Every Pet Week, JHS is highlighting two pets who came to JHS with similar injuries within just days of each other - Raccoon, the two-month-old kitten, and Jujubee, the eleven-month-old puppy whom both arrived at JHS with severe injuries to a leg that resulted in amputation. The surgery took place under the supervision of JHS’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stan Hill, and the JHS veterinary team.

Both Raccoon and Jujubee made a full recovery and have been adopted by loving families!

Love Every Pet Week celebrates pets like Raccoon and Jujubee who need extra care as part of their second chance. For a limited time through February 21st, donations made during Love Every Pet Week are being matched by an anonymous donor.

For more information about Love Every Pet Week and to donate, please visit or call 904-725-8766.

RaccoonPhoto: Jacksonville Humane Society

JujubeePhoto: Jacksonville Humane Society

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