JHS Celebrates Love Every Pet Week Featuring Dog with Rare Condition

The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) is celebrating the start of Love Every Pet Week (February 14-21, 2024) by sharing the story of Nyx, a very special dog who has been in their care for nearly a year and has been diagnosed with a chronic health condition.

Nyx is an eight-year-old dog with soulful, golden eyes and a happy-go-lucky personality who loves to explore and snuggle. Shortly after coming to JHS in April of 2023, the JHS team noticed Nyx wasn't feeling her best – she was lethargic, not eating, and struggling with incontinence.

After examinations by the JHS veterinary team, Nyx was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome, a condition caused by hormone imbalance. Cushing’s syndrome, which is relatively rare in pets, can lead to symptoms that impact quality of life. The JHS team worked diligently to build a treatment plan for Nyx, and luckily, Nyx is now able to live the happy life she deserves with daily medication.

With her Cushing’s syndrome managed and her newfound energy, Nyx is living a great life and enjoys going on adventures to the beach, exploring walking trails, and snuggling. Nyx is patiently waiting at JHS for a new, loving family to provide the home she dreams of and deserves.

Love Every Pet Week celebrates pets like Nyx who need extra care as part of their second chance. Love Every Pet Week begins at JHS on February 14, Valentine’s Day, and runs through February 21, which is National Love Every Pet Day. Folks are encouraged to donate at jaxhumane.org/donate to support the care of each and every animal who comes through JHS’s doors. JHS also encourages folks to spread the word about Nyx, who is free to adopt at JHS thanks to sponsorship from The Grey Muzzle Organization.

For more information about Love Every Pet Week and to donate, please visit jaxhumane.org or call 904.725.8766.

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