TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Kendrick's artistry and creativity know no bounds. We've already seen him have a lot of success experimenting with jazz-inspired sounds. 
  • It could be a disaster like Lil Wayne's rock phase, or something strategic like when Run-DMC andJay-Z teamed up with rockers to make hit songs. 
  • Plans change all the time. This doesn't mean anything until the album drops.
  • It's a chance to find a whole new audience -- at the risk of alienating some current fans. 

If the rumors are true,Kendrick Lamar’s album could sound a lot different than his previous projects.

A formerBillboard editorial director and current columnist claims that he’s heard from “several friends” that K-Dot’s new album may finally be complete.Bill Werde[pr: WORD-ee] also says Kenny is “pulling in more rock sounds this time.”

Even though the album is believed to be finished, Werde says there’s still a chance Kendrick could return to the studio to re-record or lay down something new. 

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