RAY J: Hospitalized With Pneumonia

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

Sending good vibes to Ray J. Keep your head up.

Sounds like he's getting excellent care, so we just need to trust the medical professionals to do their jobs.

Being in a bed in a COVID wing must be terrifying whether or not you have the disease.

He's gonna power through. Ray's no pushover.

His manager, David Weintraub, says Ray has been in a Miami hospital for the better part of a week now, struggling to breathe. Things got so bad that at one point he was worried he would die. At first, doctors thought he had COVID, so they put him in the hospital’s COVID wing to be safe. He says, “I thought it was over, I started praying and knew God is good, so I just kept praying.”

The good news is, after two days and five tests -- all of which came back negative -- he was able to get out of the COVID wing. (TMZ)

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