COVID VACCINE: Shots for Young Kids to Roll Out in Weeks

Female doctor giving covid-19 vaccine to a toddler

Kids aged 5-11 could get the shot in just a couple of weeks.Photo: Getty Images

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

The CDC and the White House have a big challenge in convincing parents to give their young kids the shot.

The White House wants parents to know that if they vaccinate their kids immediately after the shot is approved, they will be fully vaccinated in time for Christmas.

There's still not enough known about the possible long-term effects of the vaccine.

The vaccine is safe and effective.

The CDC is expected to give formal approval to the Pfizer vaccine in the beginning of November and then shots will immediately be shipped to pediatricians, pharmacies and even some schools. The shots for young kids will be a smaller dose than those given to older kids and adults, and will be injected using smaller needles.

The White House says the rollout should be very smooth as there is enough of the Pfizer shot to vaccinate 28 million eligible kids. (CBS News)


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